Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion No. 1

Blood Sampler: Subtle Sips & Spicy Shots, featuring a collection of vampire flash fiction by David Lee Summers and Lee Clark Zumpe, is now available from Sams Dot Publishing.

Some of the tales presented in this beautifully designed book originally appeared in the now defunct Blood Samples. With detailed illustrations by Caroline O'Neal, the collection features more than 30 unique stories. Works such as David's "Skinwalker," "The Tale of Blood Red," "Dragon Reborn" and "City Project," and my "Dubrovnik," "Damnation," "Canonization" and "Sirmione" appear here for the first time!

David is the editor of Tales of the Talisman (and Hadrosaur Tales prior to that) and author of Heirs of the New Earth and Vampires of the Scarlet Order.

To order your copy, visit the Sams Dot Purchase Center.