Monday, July 28, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion No. 3

My short story “Worm-sacks and Dirt-backs” appears in Shroud Publishing’s new anthology Abominations.

As their website so accurately claims, Abominations was “compiled from some of the most horrifying stories of creatures, mythical beasts, and murderous monsters …” and features “ … expertly-crafted tales, never before published, from the best voices in modern horror.”

Edited by Tim Deal, Abominations showcases work from writers such as Anna Lowther, William Vogel, Lon Prater and Gerard Houarner.

Abominations is available from Shroud Publishing.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion No. 2

My poem "Margaritifer Chaos" appears in the current issue of Space and Time.

Space and Time, Issue 104, is now available and includes fiction by Harry Turtledove, Ruthanna Emrys and Chet Gottfried as well as poetry by Mike Allen, Marge Simon and Sonya Taaffe, among others.

A 41-year-old publication, Space and Time is one of those magazines that writers of speculative fiction and poetry put on their priority list from day one. As a fan of the genre, it's a great place to check out the best in "Strange and Unusual Fiction." As a writer, it's a market I've tried to conquer for years. I'm honored to see "Margaritifer Chaos" alongside the works of so many other gifted authors.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Arrrrrrgggh - Pirates!

Brooklyn-born Robert W. Chambers, best known today for a series of short stories first published in 1895 under the name The King in Yellow, in his later years focused on romantic and historical fiction. A recent excursion to a sale hosted by an area book dealer (only collectors were invited, and a password was required!) turned up this little treasure. Chambers' The Rogue's Moon, first published in 1928, is described as "a truly gorgeous romance" and a "dashing tale of old buccaneering days."

The dust jacket continues: "Here are famous pirates of other times, vividly recalled in zestful narrative and spirited drawings. Captain Death, Mary Read, Israel Hornygold, and that sinister figure Edward Teach - a motley and picturesque crew, they are seen foregathering to many a hazardous undertaking." This 1929 edition includes Norman Price's art in tinted inserted plates plus in-text illustrations and endpapers and only set me back $5.