Monday, August 2, 2010

July 2010 Summary

Completed stories: None
Submitted stories: 6
Accepted stories: 4


Completed poems: 5
Submitted poems: 5
Accepted poems: 3


Completed articles: 9
  • How to cope with memory loss
  • How to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Ringo Starr brings show to REH
  • Curtain Call: “Nunsense” scores big on fun and puns (theater review)
  • Crowded House heading to REH
  • Curtain Call: Comedy kicks off Early Bird’s season (theater review)
  • Plant, Band of Joy plays REH
  • Curtain Call: Olson directs clever ‘Seafarer’ (theater review)
  • August concert lineup
Submitted articles: 9
Accepted/published articles: 10


Submitted reprints: 13
Accepted reprints: 11


Number of words written this month: Approximately 6,000
Number of submissions pending response: 80


Not bad as far as submissions and acceptances go, but next month I plan on boosting my output dramatically. I have a number of stories I’ve left in limbo far too long … and I intend to get through all of them in the next few weeks!