Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hey: Long time, no blog post.

It has been about two years since new content appeared here at Muted Mutterings of a Mad Poet.  The thing is, over the last couple of years I’ve hardly had time to write anything – fiction, poetry or witty, informative blog entries.  Besides, Muted Mutterings had mainly degenerated into a self-promotion page … a place to share sales and recent publications. 

These days, I do all that plugging on Facebook.

So, recently, I started working on a website.  It’s moving along nicely, and should be up and running within the next month.  It will have its own blog, too, where I can share publishing news.

So, what to do with Muted Mutterings of a Mad Poet …

I’ve decided to use this space to post informal reviews:  I’ll be unearthing some gems from my personal collection and discussing them here – things like long-lost small press publications, old pulp magazines and some of the books, anthologies and comic books that influenced or inspired me along the way.

Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? 

Stay tuned …

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